Boghi Arredamenti:
furnitures in Cantù since 1970

Boghi arredamenti means tradition, craftsmanship, culture of furniture art, innovation and creativity. Our journey began in Cantù in the 70s by brothers Paul and Elio Boghi in a small shop that is now a splendid reality that mixes new technologies and craftsmanship in the treatment of a noble and precious material as wood.

Elegance and functionality are the key principles on which we base all of our projects, professionally interpreting each client’s needs in order to offer tailor-made creative solutions.

The whole internal production cycle and the use of the highest quality natural materials allow us to produce exclusive furniture, to express a timeless quality

Nova Collection

With Nova Collection a trip to the ‘Reign of Elegance’ begins. We know how to adapt it to style and practicality is aimed at satisfying cotemporaneous living habits and needs.

This is a new way of interpreting our home. Nova furnishing program is dedicated to those people who love modern and reasoning houses, fitted out with taste and creativity, giving birth to a house where furnishing is inspired by continuous research to refinement.

Oasi Collection

Oasi Collection is characterized by care of design, contemporaneity and exclusiveness
Projecting and then realizing furnishing for an elegant house is possible if the style and the different functions it will release, are clear.

This means that it is important to define which areas will be dedicated to people and which stylistic choices will be applied for them in order to let personality rise up.