A story of passion
and quality

More than 45 years of experience teach us that we can make special every moment of our lives. We think that even the simplest gesture, like that of sitting on a sofa or stroking a beautiful piece of furniture, can embrace strength and temper.

Boghi Arredamenti life style is based on accurate taste, elegance and practicalness: every product holds a particular research of shape and matter to touch, feel, live every day.

Our fittings come from historical research where the Made in Italy innovation and exclusiveness give birth to a unique care of details, materials, piece of furniture. 

New collections and
Contract projects

Our sensitivity and desire to care the execution of each project till the smallest detail allowed us to gradually develop the Contract activity for interested customers.

A formula that we adopted as a natural evolution, because we are convinced that only offering a 360° service we could guarantee the unique quality that distinguishes us.

A journey that starts from the analysis of the project's feasibility, where our experience is the first guarantee.